I was the tightest one in yoga class

About 14 years ago a very good friend of mine convinced me to try yoga. I had been an athlete for most of my young life and my softball career had left me very stiff. While I was pretty sure athletes didn’t need yoga, I was also not about to back down from a challenge. So off I went to destroy the competition in the yoga class. Boy did I get humbled quickly.


First of all, everyone in the class was about 15-20 years older than me. Second, they moved with a grace that I could not have paid for.  When the class was over, I was sweating like crazy (in an air-conditioned room) and the participants looked like they had taken a leisurely stroll in the park.


If it had been a real competition, I surely came in last. 


In that moment I realized the value of mobility and saw the opportunity for increased strength that could be gained by simply moving with greater efficiency. I began practicing yoga several days a week and it only took me a very short 2 years of consistent practice to bend over and place my fingertips on the floor (cue sarcasm).


Since that time, the benefits of my regular yoga practice have influenced all aspects of my mobility, strength, balance and overall health. I am no longer the “tightest one in class.”


No matter what mobility practice you choose the most important thing I have learned is that consistency is key.


Maybe you are like me and may start off as the “tightest” person in class or maybe you already have some experience and are looking to expand your practice.  Either way, consider giving our yoga classes at Method a try.


Our teachers are well trained and highly specialized in instructing proper alignment to all bodies no matter the starting point or experience level. We pride ourselves on our inclusive and fun environment as well.


PS: Reply back at info@methodwellnesspt.com with any funny or embarrassing first time in a fitness class experiences. I know some of you have great stories.


Be Well,


Sarah Eads, PT, DPT,CSCS

Owner Method Wellness and Physical Therapy


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