Method Wellness and Physical Therapy Provider Referral Information

Why should I refer my patient to physical therapy?

When it comes to treating pain, there is ample evidence to show a multidisciplinary approach is most effective.  Our goal for your patient is to complement your treatment plan through a combination of manual therapy techniques, guided corrective exercise, mindfulness pain management strategies and patient education.  After a thorough evaluation, we establish a treatment plan to empower patients with the tools to help manage their pain, improve their function and enhance their quality of life. 

Why Refer to Method Physical Therapy?

Thank you for considering physical therapy as a rehab option for your patient. There are many locations in San Antonio that offer physical therapy services in their facility.  The key difference at Method Wellness and PT is one on one personalized care.  Most therapists at major clinics see a volume of anywhere from 15-20 patients a day, forcing some to see multiple patients at one time or hand off large parts of the patient’s care to support staff. 

Because of our patient-centered direct pay system, patients will have guaranteed, one-on-one treatment with a Doctor of Physical Therapy for the entirety of their visits.  Not only will this ensure patients are always getting the absolute best, most personalized care, but this will also require fewer total visits to reach the best possible patient outcomes.  

Refer My Patient to Method

Click here to print a referral form for your patient and fax to 210-817-8684. You are also welcome to send your own referral form.

Care for Providers at Method

Healthcare providers, from Doctors to Nurses to Dentists and many others often endure extraordinary demands on their own bodies while caring for patients.  A combination of long hours, constant standing/walking, poor postural positions and sometimes even heavy lifting will take a toll on the body if it is not properly cared for.  Your patient’s health and well-being are dependent on you caring for your own body first. 

At Method, we understand receiving care in-house isn’t always practical for any number of reasons.  We also understand making appointments around hectic schedules can be difficult.  We’ll work with you to accommodate your busy schedule and get you back to providing the high-quality care your patients deserve.  When you call to schedule ask about our special health care provider rate. 

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