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Personal Training at Method Wellness in San Antonio, TX

Promoting strength and improving movement quality is essential to our mission at Method Wellness.  Our Fitness professionals are dedicated to providing the best Personal Training experience in San Antonio.  Whether you are just starting your fitness journey, have some moderate strength training experience, or you are a seasoned athlete, we will create a customized exercise program to meet your needs and reach your goals. 

Committing to Personal Training at Method Wellness means you are dedicated to getting the absolute most out of your strength training sessions and getting fit and healthy for life.  Call or Email today to schedule your comprehensive fitness and movement assessment. 


Why Train with Method Wellness in San Antonio?

There are three primary distinguishing traits that separate Method Wellness from other training facilities:

Focus on Health and Longevity

Our Personal Training and Small Group Fitness classes are primarily focused on helping individuals improve their strength and fitness for life’s everyday challenges.  We work to improve strength imbalances and maximize your fitness for life.


We have experience in training clients of all capabilities, from absolute beginner to elite athlete.  Our staff is also trained to make modifications to make strength training accessible for all, regardless of physical limitations.  At Method Wellness, we don’t believe there is a single best exercise program, only the program that is best for you.


We understand better than most that strength training can be intimidating and risky if performed improperly.  Our programs focus on quality of movement before loading.  This is how we avoid injury, and also how we make the best progress in strength and performance. 


  • Comprehensive Fitness and Movement Assessment
  • Personal Training
  • Small Group Fitness Classes
  • Titleist Performance Institute Golf Movement Screening and Analysis™
  • Athletic Performance Assessment and Evaluation


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